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Information For Artists


Passionate about art

We welcome new and established artists from around the world. We seek those who are creating exciting, unique, inspired, contemporary limited edition and original artworks.

Our intention is simple - to provide our customers with a selection of considered, well chosen, curated artworks and our artists with a diverse, international, online marketplace.


Working together 

Few career artists survive simply by selling to a small body of collectors so an expanding customer base is vital. We are more than aware that what you want to do is concentrate on creating your art and not worry about how new customers will find you, how to deal with search engines or keeping your website up to date. We concentrate on search engine marketing, site content, publicity and quality presentation so that you don't have to.

Our commission rates are amongst the lowest of any proactive, discerning gallery. To maximise artist income, we can often reduce the VAT burden to both the artist and customer, depending on the circumstances of each individual artist. Contact us to see whether this could benefit you.

Please feel free to send in low resolution images of your work for consideration, use email or post photographs. We have no pre-conceived ideas as to what constitutes 'art', we just look for new artists and artworks that grab our attention. Whether you are working with print, paint, photography, digits or mixed media we would love to hear from you.